We have a product set that caters for all organisations, from small businesses through to Governments. Our solutions have been used in a number of successful joint ventures in the past.

Utilising our extensive knowledge and skills, we have designed and developed a product suite of mobile security applications for use by governments, law enforcement, event management and the hospitality industry. We can quickly deploy a solution to provide security controls at public events.

Identity verification as a requirement is on the increase, but there is still limited capability to verify the document is not a forgery, or that the individual is not on a ‘Watch List’.

Some of the examples below highlight where our product set provides that very capability:

  • Our services support internal Watch Lists, which are details of individuals you may want to stop, or only to be aware of to provide an enhanced service. We can also connect to external Watch Lists; for example Interpol’s Stolen and Lost Passport Database.
  • Air travel is increasing worldwide year on year and national borders need to meet the rising demand in volumes. Our border solution has already proven to be a successful capability for Border Force within the UK.
  • 2015 brought the migrant crisis to a head with asylum seekers and migrants arriving in many countries. A module within our border solution caters for this type of event by providing a mechanism to capture individual biometrics and registering them to a central system.
  • Recent terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany have left the fear of further attacks in everyone’s mind when attending large public gatherings, such as the state opening of Parliament and London New Year’s Eve celebrations. Our product set provides multiple ways to verify individuals at these events.

On another level the demand for instant news is on the increase, in particular when associated with events such as terror attacks or incidents. Our Castround product taps into the geographic public twitter feeds in real-time, refining the available information into a “one stop shop” showing what is happening.

We have the following products and services:

  • EdgeID & EdgeID Central – EdgeID is a standalone mobile application that allows quick and easy validation of major types of identification. Perfect for checking identity at the workplace, clubs & bars, car rentals, NHS and Hotels.
  • EdgeEvents – can be used to check identities and security clearances at Events, club patrons, VIP’s, staff and subcontractors.
  • EdgeSecurity – EdgeSecurity is a fully configurable product that can be adapted to suit a multitude of border related applications ranging from a small Police force through to a complete Border Management system controlling a country’s border.
  • EdgeCRM  – EdgeSAM is a cloud based CRM software that drives the sales process for small to medium sized businesses.
  • EdgeControl – EdgeControl has been designed to provide security for organisations that have different locations with different staffing groups; from visitors, contractors, temporary staff and staff from other locations.
  • Business Services  – We can create custom software solutions using our Agile Teams.