Supporting your business processes and software requirements

Business Services

Through our business services we can supply bespoke software, agile development teams and consultancy. We have developed a number of products and underlying frameworks over the years, which allows us to very quickly develop new software products and solutions – guaranteeing fast, cost effective solutions.

Agile Teams

Mobile Edge has the people, technology and tools to deliver fixed price agile solutions for your company or organisation.

We can do this much faster than developing your own solutions. We use our expertise in providing an Agile delivery team, covering all the phases of Agile Delivery.

We can use our frameworks to rapidly accelerate the development, reducing the development time and improving quality.


Our team has many years of experience designing, building and running complex designs across the IT world. Many of these have contained functionality that at the time would have been considered ‘bleeding-edge’, but are now acknowledged as part of the standard workflow, such as secure-by-design, agile development and automated build mechanisms.

Our experts are passionate about technology and ensuring that the end customer gets a useful product that is easy to use.