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Increasing port throughput

In a groundbreaking partnership, our organization joined forces with tech industry giants Fujitsu, Entrust, and Gatekeeper to craft a state-of-the-art solution aimed at the efficient and reliable identity verification of passengers. By leveraging the cumulative expertise of all parties, we set out to overcome significant challenges in the field of passenger identity verification, aiming to create a solution that was not only effective but also adaptable and scalable.

Central to our innovative solution was a technology that pre-registers individuals, creating a virtual passport of sorts that could be accessed at any point during their journey. The pre-registration process was designed to be thorough, yet user-friendly, thus balancing the need for stringent security measures with the necessity of offering a smooth user experience. By capturing relevant data prior to the journey, the system was primed to streamline identity verification upon arrival, thereby reducing potential bottlenecks and enhancing overall travel efficiency.

Our solution also leveraged advanced vehicle capture technology and augmented reality (AR) devices for real-time identity verification. This amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies provided a secure, multi-layered verification process that enhanced passenger tracking and authentication. The vehicle capture tech would register the arrival of passengers, and the AR devices would then authenticate their identities, providing an extra layer of security while maintaining a high level of operational speed.

At the heart of this integrated system was a configurable dashboard that offered a clear, real-time view of passenger movements. With its custom filtering options, the dashboard was able to sift through passenger data and provide real-time tracking information, effectively transforming the complex data flow into comprehensible, actionable insights. This level of real-time surveillance is a game-changer in traffic management and risk profiling, allowing for dynamic responses to developing situations.

The result of our partnership with Fujitsu, Entrust, and Gatekeeper was a revolutionary technology solution. By enhancing passenger identity verification, providing real-time tracking, and enabling more efficient traffic management and risk profiling, we’ve set a new standard for the industry. As a tool, the system serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology when applied creatively to solve real-world problems.